VVandr – Enjoy VIP Benefits Without The Price!

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vvandr offerVVandr – Your 24-7/365 Personal Concierge

With the help of the complete personal concierge services that VVandr offers, you will be able to have it all without a price tag. You will have access on the wide range of services they have to offer for all your personal needs.

Whether you just sold your company and relocated into a new city, joining VVandr personal concierge services will give you great variety of reasons why you should join them. Through the proactive and personalized services that they have, their members will give full access on the special benefits and global network connections they have. When you choose to become a member of their team you receive great and outstanding qualities.

What does VVandr do for you?

Once you become a VVandr member, the chosen lifestyle manager you have is the one who will set out in order for you to fully understand the unique motivations you have and then make use of this knowledge to showcase the services that you value the most. The upcoming opportunities and events that they have will let you develop your valuable contacts that will be put forward along with the member benefits that you will get soon.

your free trial of vvandr

With VVandr, you will be allowed to get complete access for play or work. The strong relationships they have all over the traveling industry will pave the way in making the world your home. They are also thinking of those inaccessible and unique experiences that money can’t buy. The extraordinary and irresistible imagination that you have is their business so they make sure you will get nothing but convenience.  They understand and know that you need and deserve it. You also save time with VVandr because they make sure that your name will always be on the guest list. You can look forward to skipping those long lines at some of the best nightclubs and bars all over the world.

Receive nothing but the best service

VVandr gives you access to the most in demand restaurants, hotels, travel destinations all over the world. You can also save huge amounts of money with VVandr because they have exclusive access and VIP-pre-release tickets to those major events like theater, sports, music and arts. The preference that you have is the only thing they need to know. They also have relationships with the world’s top salons, spas, fitness experts, nutritionists, etc. They make sure that you receive the best well-being and health advice you need.

vvandr is luxury at its finest

VVandr offers the following major services:

  •  Restaurant reservations – They open doors to the most in-demand restaurants in the world. From the hidden gems in a number of cities up to the last minute tables. The newest venues as well as covered star eateries and their lifestyle managers have all the contacts in order to make those impossible into possible.
  •  Travel – Whether you are traveling to do work or just to have fun, VVandr will take care of all the travel arrangements you need. From the booking of flights with the airline you prefer, making visa, hotel arrangements, recommending bars, restaurants and events, you will surely experience fun filled travel. If you want to have the perfect weekend getaway, the in-house travel specialists will also be responsible in designing a great experience for you and for your loved ones. The strong relationships they have all over the world will tour you to the wide range of exciting benefits that you can ever experience during your travels.
  •  VIP access – The nightlight specialists that VVandr have will help you skip the line at the best nightclubs and bars all over the world. If you want to dance all night with your friends, you can rest assure that your name is always at the top of the guest list. It will be at the top of coveted tickets to those red carpet events, sporting events, exclusive movie premiers and operas, front row seats at the Fashion week and sold out shows. VVanndr will enable you to get an access on the VIP pre-release tickets as well as to those major events that you can ever imagine you would attend.
  •  A day to day errand – From looking for baby sitters, planning appointments and so on, VVandr fully understands that some of the simple tasks in our life can consume our time a lot. For that reason, they are the one who will take care of your day to day errands in order for you to have the ample time to concentrate on those things that are really important and needs to be prioritized.
  •  Emergency request – you can rest assure that in times of emergencies, you would be able to find yourself calm and relax because VVandr is just one phone call away.
  •  Experience Unique Experiences – VVandr is aiming to give you bespoke and definitive experiences that are tailored all over your passions and interest. From those rare and extraordinary ideas, u to those divine and irresistible, VVandr pave way to the path of inaccessible and unique experiences that can’t be bought by money.
  •  Home management – you can also allow them to handle your to-do lists at home. With the experts they have who will oversee refurbishment and maintenance, house-sitters, home movers, decorators, interior designers, landscaping services; you can always come to them.

get amazing service with vvandr

Don’t waste anymore unwanted stress!

VVandr offers you a lot of unrivalled privileges across all the chapters on the industry of luxury lifestyle. Whatever kind of services you need, anytime and anywhere you are, VVandr will always be there for you to provide you the services you need.

So if you are looking for a great personal concierge company, you should have your membership at VVandr now. With them, you will surely have great access to all the exclusive things without worrying about its price tag.

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